NuWave Networks Inc.

Welcome to the NuWave Networks experience

I established my business after years of being an international manager tasked with the implementation and governance of various IT projects from the earliest days.  Computer networking was done with TV like coax cabling called ARCnet, 64Mb was a lot of RAM memory, webpages were designed in Notepad, and floppy drives were truly floppy. 
The Internet as we know it today didn't exist.  Bytes went mega, then giga, now tera...

Having worked with Microsoft since the NT and pre-Win95 days, along the other options like Novell Netware and Unix, and having grown with the explosive advent of this new world business reality and the frustrations that always accompanied the requisite changes of staying competitive, I promised myself I would never be like my vendors - vague, secretive, bullying, mysterious, and just plain weird. Hence, a life "reboot" relocating from London after multi-year stops in Madrid and Copenhagen, to Sarasota, Florida and starting my own business in 1999.

My business is just about the opposite of most you will find today.  I answer the phone, and I am the one who is there 24/7/365 to advise, repair, upgrade, and keep your business running optimally.  No retainers, no markup on hardware, just good old fashion service with a smile. NuWave Networks has become a concierge services provider to a very select clientele, and I am currently working by personal referral from existing clients only. 

To my loyal friends and customers, thanks for all your support!